Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wet Felted Top Hat


I have had this funny little idea percolating away for the longest time...a wet felted miniature top hat. Suddenly, it was time, a wee little top hat was waiting to be created. Originally I thought I'd make some for the faeries who live under the floor, they will not be left out, but this one is for my little doll friend Tika, it's to go with a fun party outfit I'm making her. She loves the new top hat and looks so cute! (Tiny, isn't she? That's a quarter she's holding!) I've made a lot of little hats in the last couple of days, I can't wait to share them with you, and the new party outfit too!

Best wishes, and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Happened!!!

Oh my goodness, what happened at Paddywhack Lane, was it a whirlwind?!!!

Yep, whirlwind Melissa. Some time ago my friend and doll aficionado, sent me a link to the Paddywhack Lane, Shabby Chic Make Over by the wonderfully talented and inspiring, Jessica over at Doll Project. Saddly I could not get the link to work, so the idea sort of stalled for a bit. Now my friend was not about to let it go so fast, and a little while latter the UPS man brought me a wonderful gift, my own little cottage! (Thanks again friend!)

Finally, I have begun collecting decorative elements and prepping the cottage for my make over plans. That heap of hardboard is actually the drawers and bed. (You can see the opened cottage here.) The drawers were a bit of a snug fit, and since I want to cover them with fabric, I have cut them down a smidgen. I think they will be easier to line with fabric this way too.

At the same time, I am also decorating Tika's flat, here's a glimpse of it. I've made a halfhearted attempt at collecting and making some little furnishings, but now it seems that inspiration (and energy) has finally kicked in! More to follow...

Best wishes and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dolly Magic-Turning a Drinking Straw Into a Dressing Straw

I am new to the world of tiny ball joint dolls and I wanted to make cute, well fitted clothing for my new gal Tika, but geez, getting those arms and legs through miniscule sleeves and pant legs was a real job! (Like trying to dress a wet noodle!) I was worried I might damage the doll or the little clothes I had put so much time into making. Then one day it hit me, drinking straws! I found just the right sized straws to easily slip her tiny little arm into (Without getting it stuck!) Then I kept an eye out for a slightly bigger straw for Tika's legs. Wow, what a time saver this had been! and the great thing is the straws are so long, you can cut them to shorter lengths and have enough to help you dress both arms/legs at the same time. So, without further ado, here is a little tutorial along with the size straws to keep an eye out for. 

Best Wishes and Enjoy!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tutorial-Underwear/Shorts For Amelia Thimble

It looks like Tika has strung some pennants in her little flat, cute bright little flags...nooo, we want to share a quick and easy tutorial for making little underwear or shorts for Amelia Thimble and other similar sized ball joint dolls. I have made a ton of these cute britches, they look like little shorts, I've been giving them out in my shop with dresses and skirts. The fold over elastic comes in so many colors and styles, you'll have no end of choices! I love this stuff and I also use it for the bodice on my Party Dress, very handy for clothing these wee little bods.

Here's your supply list:
Fold Over Elastic Band or Lace Elastic Band (used for for making headbands)
The style I have here is from Blue Moon Beads and I bought it at Michaels in the bead isle. One side has a bit of a shiny look, the other side is matte, I like to make a few of each. The elastic is 5/8" wide and hits little Amelia's waist in just the right spot.
Transparent Thread
I find this easier than switching colors on the sewing machine, one bobbin, one spool of thread, easy right?
Fray Check

To begin, measure a two inch length of the elastic, I actually do up a bunch at once and run them through the sewing machine one after the other. As you can see in my long swag of "pennants." Don't worry if you don't have a sewing machine, just sew them up by hand.

Once you have cut the elastic for as many panties/shorts as you want to make, Fray Check the cut ends and let them dry completely before you begin sewing.

Decide which surface you want on the outside and the fold elastic in half, matching the cut ends, with the good side in. Mark off 3/4"  from the folded edge, either with a pin or some taylors chalk, or even a light pencil mark. Line up where you want your seam placed with the needle and begin sewing. Remember to lock your seam by taking a couple back stitches at the beginning and end of each seam. Before you come to the end of your seam, pause in your sewing and ready the next pair to feed into the sewing machine.

Now for the finishing touches. Trim the excess fabric as close to the seam as you safely can, then lightly apply fray check to the fresh cut. Don't over do it, that fray check can get stiff, a little goes a long way. Once this had dried, turn the underwear right side out, with the seam in the center back. Using a needle and transparent thread, take a stitch at the crotch (I usually take a couple stitches in the same spot for strength) and volia you have two little leg holes!

Soon you will have ever so many little britches for your tiny doll and more than enough to share with all your doll friends!